Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,
Would you please pray for me? Tomorrow I will be 40 weeks pregnant! Please pray that our baby would be born before Tuesday.

My sister is in town visiting us and helping out tremendously with my toddler and with around the house everyday things, and she leaves on Tuesday! I am very hopeful that the baby will be born while she is here so that a) my sister can meet her new niece or nephew, and b) so that our little Elena will have someone familiar to look after her while I am in labor.

It feels rather selfish and anxious to ask for this, but I am asking anyway. I have been having false labor mild contractions (2 days ago) and yesterday I had dreadful bouts of back - labor - like pain consistently for a few hours....but nothing came of it, I was so disappointed. Yet, I know God is in charge of all of this and as the author of all life he's got it under control - so hard to be peaceful and not concerned about the timing of this, though. Ach, I'm so very human.

May all go well at each of your hearths, readers!
Love, Heather

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