Sunday, April 3, 2011

After Church today

If only it were easier for families to be in photos all together! My husband took this snapshot of our Elena and I still dressed up from church earlier today. Don't you looooove her little white dress with the smocking? This was probably her last time wearing it, and I just had to document it.

Things are going along nicely near our hearth! Newborn Madeline seems to prefer sleeping to eating, so my night feedings have felt luxuriously well-spaced. This is an incredible blessing.

And, we might soon have a completely new household schedule, as it is very possible that my husband will be working the night shift for only a few more weeks!

By the way, all those nesting issues regarding where various nursery - related articles ought to go really did end up ironing themselves out. Hmm, that wasn't a perfectly constructed sentence, was it? do forgive me.

If you are wondering what that thing is right behind my head in the photo, stay tuned, and in an upcoming post I will reveal a useful new idea of mine that has made my life a great deal simpler!

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