Friday, August 20, 2010

Mending a Pop-Up Book

Book mending is a little mentioned, yet ever so handy skill for any homemaker to have!

Farmer Fred is a favorite of a certain 1 year old I know. I actually have taken it upon myself to hide this book now and then, so that we don't spend all day reading it!

Recently Farmer Fred and his barnyard animals suffered some wounds from Hurricane Elena, who got a bit overexcited and did quite a bit of damage. So, I got out the Scotch tape and did a lot of mending, thinking to myself yet again how interdisciplinary homemaking is.

In the incredibly exhaustive encyclopedia of homemaking skills entitled Home Comforts, author Cheryl Mendelson covers book mending with great aplomb. However, she doesn't say anything about pop up books! (I'm grinning as I write this, please don't think that I actually looked it up before I got out the Scotch tape.) Its a great book and every homemaker should have access to it.

But I don't think my 1 year old should have open access to Farmer Fred. I will be keeping this book out of reach and I will be chaperoning her time with him from now on. *smile*


  1. This was so funny....and so cute...I'm glad there's a children's book out there that your little girl can be happy about :) :) :) Yeah, probably hiding it for awhile is a good will ensure a longer life-span for the beloved book :) :) :) Have a great weekend, Heather. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. This is a very timely entry as my 19 month year old just tore up her first pop-up book :( I LOVE pop-up books and she got a hold of it before I could chaperone her. I usually have to watch her with EVERY book because as my dh says, "she's quite an unusual bookworm in that she eats any and all paper." We have many books that need mending. I mostly only allow her access to what I've termed "chew books", books that aren't fabulous. All her other books, I don't let her touch...yet. :)

  3. Hi Heather, How funny that you should mention Home Comforts, because I just borrowed that book from the library and was going to recommend to you! I'm interested to read the book mending part now!

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