Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saying Yes to Sewing

As a little girl, I remember saying:
"I want to learn how to sew."
"No you don't," replied my mother.
"I want to learn how to sew."
"No you don't," announced my grandmother.
They told me to spend my time other ways, to "save time and trouble" buying ready made items. They did not understand. Their particular response to my wish to learn this skill was both baffling and irksome to me. "'No, you don't'?" I thought rebelliously, "Yes, I do!"
Now that its 2010, I'm 30 and have my own little girl. Goodness knows if she'll want to learn to sew...though she is interested in everything I do, so I wouldn't be surprised. But! I am determined to create a sewing-friendly environment for us. When I embroider, I hand her my smallest embroidery hoop to hold so she can feel included. And earlier this week when I popped over to my sewing machine to mend a diaper cover, I sat her in my lap so she could watch. Look at the glee in her face!
Does anyone have more ideas which I could put into practice as I continue to craft a welcoming household attitude to sewing?
Over at Raising Homemakers, which is a wonderful resource for others who are interested in such things, be sure to peruse August 18th's link-up! You might find some kindred spirits who are also striving to manage a godly household (maybe even one that is sewing friendly!).


  1. Hi Heather...this is just the cutest photo of you and your little girl together. Her smile makes me smile :) :)

    Sewing...hmm...I learned when I was 5 years old...a basic stitich. Where did I learn this, you ask? At a child care center that my mother would drop me off at while she went to work!!! So I'm guessing your little girl is still quite young yet...but I don't see why she couldn't learn to use a needle and thread at five,...if you gave her something really simple and easy to make. I made a stuffed kitty Mr. Kitty. As soon as I find him, I'll post a photo!!! Have a lovely weekend, Heather!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. I follow "Raising Homemakers" It's a great site!!! I'm still single, but I really love homemaking and anything related to it's all good information!!!

  2. I think it is wonderful that you are including your daughter in what you are doing!
    You may have already seen this from a link on Raising Homemakers, but I made my girls little boxes full of sewing supplies that their little hands could work on. You can read about that here if you didn't see it.


  3. Hi Heather,

    My daughter has always wanted to join me in sewing. She's older now (7 years) and can sew some basic stitches. I plan to teach her to use the machine this year - she just turned 7 a couple of weeks ago. I feel that she is ready.

    When she was younger, I gave her a large, blunt needle and two knitted pot holders. I put yarn in the needle and let her "sew" the pot holders together. She loved it and it gave her something to do while I was working on a project. Then, I just undid it and she could do it all over again.

    Now she makes little pillows and blankets for her stuffed animals. I let her just work it out on her own and help her only if she asks. It's a fun time together working side by side.

    Blessings to you!

  4. I love that you are doing this! My grandmothers on both sides are credited with giving me a love for hand needlework, and I hope my three girls come to love it too--
    but I started them at five with real needle and thread. My oldest's first project was actually a felt pillow she made for my mom as a Christmas gift. Talk about a sense of accomplishment! That little bluebird still holds pride of place on Grandmother's bed. :)
    That all said, I love the potholder idea above--but would be VERY careful to have a LARGE plastic(even flexible)needle for her to use. Another option could be lacing cards with colorful shoelaces or just yarns that you have Scotch-taped the ends of. She could help you pick out images to print(paper dolls? coloring pages?)and cut-out, then "sew" them together that way.
    I love your blog! Found you through Raising Homemakers.