Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bible reading at home with children

Hello friends!
By the end of summer, I thought to myself "hm, I guess I took some time off from blogging!"

Well, I hope you are all doing wonderfully. I guess I needed some time off from this.

Lately, I have kept my study Bible open on the dining table, and have been picking it up and reading a few Psalms out loud with the little girls each morning.

Elena, who is 29 months now (!), listens with interest, and at the end of a Psalm usually smiles and says: "Another one!"

This warms my heart! wow.

So, the other day I read a Psalm, and then another, to which she replied, shaking her head "That not a good one." !! What should my response have been? I contained myself and did not laugh as hard as I would have liked to, but wow, that struck my funny bone.

Now that she knows our routine, Elena will point to the open Bible and ask me to read some to her.

I'm glad that I read about the way Ruth Bell Graham had her Bible open on the kitchen counter as a young mom, and she would snatch a verse here and there in spare moments. This new household ritual of ours, reading a few Psalms together each morning, is really wonderful and wonderfully easy.

We have long been in the habit of having Bible time from the children's several Bible story books, but this is great having some readings from the actual Bible.

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